XBA US/CAN/ANZ - XSCALE Business Agility - Live Online Training Stream (NB ANZ course times are 10am-1pm Thursday and Saturday AEDT)

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Wed Aug 12, 6:00 PM - Fri Aug 28, 9:00 PM (EDT)
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Business Agility accelerates growth through continuous adaptation to changing market conditions. XBA enables organizations to achieve this by easy stages, minimizing risk while continuously proving top line benefits.

This six session training stream (19:00 to 23:00 EST Tuesdays and Thursdays) provides a simple, practical approach to business-agility through “descaling”: simplifying and accelerating communication structures, leadership protocols, game-theoretics and reward models across your organization.

You’ll learn how to transform command and control into autonomy and alignment, building self-managing value-streams of self-organizing teams without disrupting existing business lines or making your organization dependent on external consultancies.

You’ll learn how to use the “Seven Samurai Kanban” to hothouse new value streams to business-agile maturity in just months, not years. This path is much easier, cheaper, quicker and safer than framework-based “push” transformations, and reliable even in the most politically complex environments.

You’ll learn how to open bottlenecks in value-flow, work-flow, and learning-flow across teams and streams through hands-on simulations of business agile practices in the “Game Without Thrones”, “Pirate Canvas”, and “3D Kanban”.

You’ll learn new paths to business growth. Instead of one-way flows from producer to consumer, you’ll learn how to treat markets as ecosystems, networks of mutual benefit channeled through your business as measured by lifting the top-line numbers, not IT-only “point estimates”.

XBA is complementary to but does not replace traditional agile-in-IT frameworks, and assumes no pre-requisite knowledge about agile culture except basic familiarity with the agile manifesto.

Peter Merel

Chief Ecosystem Officer, XSCALE Alliance
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